Einstein at Cromer (watercolour, 70cm x 50cm)

Everybody's saying it's just like 1933 again. The last time it was 1933, Albert Einstein came to Cromer. He was a refugee.



Constable's Hare (charcoal, chalk & pencil 80cm x 50cm)

If you look at John Constable's famous watercolour painting of Stonehenge, you'll see in the bottom left hand corner a running hare, cut out of cardboard and stuck on with horse-glue, darting towards the edge of the frame, obviously as an afterthought to symbolise the antiquity of the landscape.


Rook (charcoal, chalk & pencil 80cm x 50cm)
Mrs. Sanderson (oil on canvas 45cm x 30cm)
Portrait of a man with a budgerigar on his head (oil on canvas 50cm x 35cm)
Julian of Norwich (oil on canvas 70cm x 50cm)
Untitled (oil on canvas on board 30cm x 22cm)
Portrait of woman with waxed moustache (oil on canvas 40cm x 30cm)
The Captain of the Morris (oil on canvas 50cm x 40cm)
Councillor Keith Driver (oil on canvas 60cm x 40cm)

Mr. Driver represents the Lakenham ward on Norwich City Council.

He's a damn fine chap, and I painted this portrait of him when he had more teeth.



The Hartlepool Monkey (oil on canvas 60cm x 40cm)

During the Napoleonic wars, a French ship ran aground on the coast at Hartlepool, and the ship's mascot, a monkey, was washed ashore. The good people of Hartlepool, believing it to be a French spy, tried the unfortunate creature, found it guilty of enspionage, and hanged it.

However, there is one school of thought which proposes that the monkey did in fact escape, and went on to become the town's Member of Parliament.


I believe it's name was Peter.