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nearly human (heidelbergensis mix)

the names of the hare


god spede the plow

dust and ancient light


this sacred plot (this rhubarb republic)

no jubilee

bard hill

picardy express

our fathers dug for coal



at last, to a ledge...

farne archipelago

Farne Archipelago by Eshman

The Farne Islands, just a few miles off the Northumberland coast, have long been a destination for hermitage and pilgrimage. Saint Cuthbert, who preferred the company of birds and donkeys to that of humans, had a little cell on Inner Farne in the seventh century, but now the only pilgrims are those intent on photographing the bird life - the arctic tern in particular is a popular attraction, as are the shags and puffins, and it's often impossible to move for birders and twitchers with their ridiculously large equipment.

The first part of this piece is an incantation naming the various seabirds sampled from an old bird identification LP , the second part is a jig performed by Saint Cuthbert whilst being attacked by arctic terns, and the final part is an arctic tern beatbox.




sterna paradisea

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