charles robert sanderson artworks
charles robert sanderson artworks
South Bank, London (watercolour on paper 75cm x 55cm)
Finnish Tango (oil on canvas 90cm x 70cm)
Finnish Tango 3 (oil on canvas 90cm x 70cm)
View from the Omena Hotel, Tampere, Finland (sketchbook)
Summer Night Twist, Norway (acrylic on paper 70cm x 50cm)
Rodven stave church, Norway (A5 sketchbook)
View from Hotel Brouwer, Amsterdam (watercolour in A4 sketchbook)
Frankfurt junkies (sketchbook)
From the Vysehrad, Prague (pencil 80cm x 50cm)
Mala Strana, Prague (pen on paper 30cm x 22cm)
St. Vitas' Cathedral, Prague
The Prague Philharonic playing Sibelius' Violin Concerto (sketchbook)
Cafe in Budapest (sketchbook)
Cafe Europa, Budapest (watercolour & gouache 70cm x 50cm)
Hero's Square, Budapest (A4 sketchbook)
Mother and son begging, Budapest
Sacre Couer, Paris (watercolour & ink on paper 70cm x 50cm)
Waiter at the Paris Mosque cafe
Old flamenco singer, Granada
The Alhambra, Granada
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